40+ Pros and Cons of Being Fashion Designer (Explained)

A profession in fashion, or as it is more often known, Fashion Designing, is the art of creating, innovating, or adding beauty to clothes and accessories via the use of various accessories and other means.

A current trend in the world today is that people want to seem better in appearance to others and to own certain items of clothing and accessories that would aid them in attaining fame and making them happy.

It is at this point when the career of a fashion designer is brought into consideration.

Advantages of Being a Fashion DesignerDisadvantages of Being a Fashion Designer
A fashion designer can be creative1. Most of the designers do not get rich
A big amount of budget is spent on designs 2. Technology always changes and so have designers
A fashion designer can work indoors3. Fashion designers need a certain taste to become successful in life
Being a fashion designer can become your passion 4. Working as a fashion designer can be stressful
The good and reputed designers can earn a decent amount of money5. Fashion designers have to work in front of a computer most of the time 
Teleworking might be possible 6. Small mistakes can ruin the whole product
Fashion designers can work for themselves

Initially, a person chooses to join the field of fashion designing with the belief that it is a superior career option to the many other options available.

However, it is well known that every profession has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that may either help the person or cause him to suffer a significant setback while actively engaging in his or her work. The same is true for pursuing a profession in fashion design.

Advantages of Being a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer can be creative

It is an advantage of being a fashion designer that you can work in a creative manner. As you will always use your brain for new ideas for new and different types of designs, so you will always be able to invent yourself new and can become better over time.

Hence, if you are the kind of man who is creative and always wants to find something new then being a fashion designer will be a good career for you. 

A big amount of budget is spent on designs

Another advantage of being a fashion designer is that big budgets are spent every year on designs in some major corporations. It is good news as you will always have a high budget to spend on new technologies to stay updated in the competition.

A fashion designer can work indoors

As a fashion designer, you can work indoors. While other people may have to work under the naked sky in cold winter or hot summer or maybe in rain sometimes, but can work in a rather protected office environment or even from home.

In short, you will get a much better working environment than many other people in another profession who have to work outdoors under any circumstances. 

Being a fashion designer can become your passion

Working as a fashion designer is not only a job for many people but also a passion and some people do it as a hobby without even getting paid for it. If you can turn your hobby into a passion then you can do your best in your career.

You can enjoy what you are doing. If you have a hobby of designing then you should go for a fashion designer to make your career.

The good and reputed designers can earn a decent amount of money

Also, the salary of a fashion designer gets pretty high when you can achieve a level of reputation and fame. On average a good and reputed fashion designer can make up to six-figure income per annum.

It can be enough to lead a luxurious life. But it is true that if you want to become a high-level fashion designer then only you can achieve luxury and a decent lifestyle. The average designer does not receive such an amount of salary. 

Teleworking might be possible

Being a fashion designer, you can also get a chance to work from home instead of going to the office every day.

This can be a great level of freedom for you. As you have your old parents or children at home whom you have to look after, so working from hope will be great freedom for you.

As you can earn money from home and on the other hand, you can also look after your family. 


 First and foremost, a job in fashion design provides satisfaction when a person comes up with new and better trends that encourage others to begin wearing or accessorizing with a certain piece of clothing or accessory.

Ultimately, if the product is a huge success and is utilized by a large number of people, the person who was engaged in the creation of that specific product will feel the greatest sense of fulfillment knowing that others are utilizing something that he or she has developed.

Starting Your Own Business

When the thought of being a fashion designer first enters a person’s head, there are a number of factors that must be considered, as well as a slew of concerns that arise in their minds.

It is necessary for a person who is skilled and confident enough to desire to succeed in the fashion industry and become well-known to put in long hours and establish their own line of clothes or accessories that will initially be tiny but will grow over time to become a large company in the future.

People becomes of hard working mentality 

Third, a person should constantly be aware that in order to attain success in the fashion industry and to pursue a career in the fashion industry, they must put out the significant effort.

Working tirelessly, day and night, while pursuing a fashion design profession, a person will ultimately see his or her efforts rewarded in the shape of a brand being introduced in various fashion shows, which will eventually lead to the attainment of renown in the fashion industry.

Exciting and innovative

A profession in fashion design is always bringing out new ideas that are either now trendy or have the potential to become popular in the future among people.

Consequently, while a person is developing a new product, the work of fashion designing is always filled with a sense of enjoyment and a spark of inspiration.

A unique and enjoyable way of looking at the fashion industry can only be achieved if the person has a good eye for fashion as well as a wide imagination for what they want to accomplish in their career.

Affordable income

The fashion designing business also offers a person an acceptable and sufficient quantity of money to earn.

The individual will have to work under someone to acquire expertise at initially, simply as a first step in getting into the fashion business, but the compensation is reasonable.

As time progresses, and the individual makes his or her own discovery, he or she receives a substantial salary, which increases over time in proportion to how well the product is received by customers.

A passion for the fashion business

 The majority of individuals who want to pursue a career in fashion do so because they have a strong interest in the sector and a desire to achieve fame by doing what they like doing in life.

When it comes to fashion designing, it falls under the category of careers where a person expresses themselves by coming up with new ideas, and as they express themselves, it is one of the ways in which they may earn a decent living by expressing what they feel.


 A profession in fashion design provides numerous chances to travel to many different places, especially if the clients are based in those locations.

If your fashion designing career is developing in a positive way, the designer will have many chances to visit and land shops in a variety of locations, allowing you to establish your dominance in the fashion business in a variety of locations across the globe.

If the Fashion designer is assigned by a well-known celebrity or rich individual, he or she may have the good fortune of receiving complimentary transportation and accommodation.

Office Variety

If one wants to pursue a career in the field of fashion design, one thing that can be counted on is that there will be a plethora of various types of work coming in to the workplace on a regular basis.

All of the initiatives are distinct from one another, with one being more fascinating and one being more distinctive. Because there are a large number of various tasks coming in at the same time, the individual never gets bored because there is a great deal of diversity at that time.

Meeting New and Different People

It should be understood by everyone in the fashion business that every day will be a new and exciting experience.

In the fashion industry, it is common for fashion designers to meet new clients and different people on a daily basis as a result of the goodwill that they have built up over time and the ability to carry that goodwill forward for the present and the future while providing them with high-quality work.

As a result, they have more opportunities to meet new individuals, such as celebrities and people who are interested in fashion and style.

A fashion designer can work for themselves

Being a fashion designer, you can even work for yourself. You do not have to work for a company forever. You can just gather knowledge and experience from the company and then you can start your own company.

If you wish you may also work as a design consultant. It will be good to work self-employed, as you can be your boss and can work for your own wish. 

Disadvantages of Being a Fashion Designer

We must also recognize that there are a number of disadvantages that must be considered when one wants to enter or is already practicing the art of fashion designing, regardless of how appealing the pros or benefits may seem to be. The disadvantages are as follows:

There are no set working hours

Especially in the field of fashion design, there is no set number of working hours that a person must put in on a daily basis in order to accomplish or come close to reaching his or her intended goals.

When starting a small company, the majority of the working hours are spent in the beginning and early phases, which may be stressful for the entrepreneur if he has to meet specific deadlines or if he needs to complete big orders of inventory.


Stress is the most significant issue that arises when a person is employed in the fashion business and has a detrimental effect on the individual’s health and well-being.

Individuals are not aware of the amount of stress they will experience in their fashion company at the start of their careers since they have no understanding of what will happen in the future.

In the fashion industry, stress may manifest itself in a variety of ways, and if the individual is not prepared to deal with them in a professional manner, it can result in disruption and ultimately a loss of company.

Unpredictable income 

The income or pay scale that a person gets on a one-month basis is difficult to anticipate for the individual since the company may be a recently formed one or there may be no orders to be generated at that point in time.

If someone is searching for work, and a month passes without him finding work, then that person will get no money for that month.

Consequently, it may be said that a person who wants to pursue the art of fashion may not have a consistent source of income.

The Impact of Critiques

When a profession such as fashion designing is established as a single occupation, criticisms are certain to accompany it.

In certain cases, if the product that has been created by the person does not meet the standards that are needed, the criticism that is received on it may be extremely severe.

And, if the error is the fault of the individual, accepting the criticism may be very difficult, resulting in anguish and a reduction in the person’s morale.

Building reputation

In most cases, this does not imply that when someone develops their reputation in the fashion business, they are doing it in order to defraud others, but rather that the path to establishing one’s reputation is tough and full of stumbling blocks.

Every individual who wants to pursue a career in fashion design must endure a variety of difficulties in order to demonstrate to others how talented they are. This helps to establish a positive reputation for the present and the future.

Difficult clients

 In the field of fashion design, it is quite probable that the individual may come across some customers who are very difficult to deal with.

It may be difficult and even impossible to come to terms with the terms and conditions that they set out at times.

They may request that a big order be produced and delivered in a short period of time, and if the company is recently founded and has limited personnel, it will be very difficult to fulfill the order before the deadline.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends

It is important for the person to remember that the fashion business is a developing sector, and that fashion trends are always evolving.

In other words, if the individual does not keep up with the latest fashion trends and learn about the constantly evolving fashion industry, he or she will fall behind the competition, resulting in a loss of business and a halt to the growth and reputation building of the individual and his or her company.

Making adjustments to the daily duties

 A fashion designer’s schedule is sometimes kept in terms of how the daily chores must be completed.

The individual’s entire schedule is disrupted when certain clients arrive to have an order completed by the individual, as all of the tasks must be re-scheduled in order to accommodate the additional task that must be included in the daily schedule, causing the daily schedule to be out of sync with the rest of the days.


There will always be rivalry among various companies in the ever-expanding field of fashion designing since there is a need for new and more effective goods and because of this, there will always be a need for more products to be sold.

As a result, as the level of competition continues to rise on a daily basis, there will always be a new brand emerging that can provide more services in contrast to the existing brands, resulting in an increase in the degree of competition.

Most of the designers do not get rich

It is one of the biggest disadvantages that being a fashion designer you simply do not get rich. As we already discussed, only if you become famous and get famous then you can be rich enough to be in luxurious life.

If you are the kind of person who loves money more than anything then you must choose any other career or you can make a backup plan so that there should be a side income. 

Technology always changes and so have designers

As we all know that the world is changing and getting updated day by day with rapid speed and you also have to be updated as a fashion designer so that you can compete with the updated candidates.

But if you do not learn new technologies then your career will be gotten down sooner.

You will soon become obsolete in the future and you may lose your job. So, if you are a person who can make sure that you can adopt the new technological progress then only you should go for this career. 

Fashion designers need a certain taste to become successful in life

Being a fashion designer, you need a certain taste to become successful in life. As some fashion designers never succeed in their life as they just have a different taste than the maximum number of people out there and for that their designs will be not applicable and bought by the public.

You have to know about the taste of the majority of people to become successful in life as a fashion designer. 

Working as a fashion designer can be stressful

Being a fashion designer can be stressful. There will be times with many workloads and you have several different projects or tasks to work on at the same time.

Though some people are good at multitasking, not everyone has this talent for multitasking. So they have to really work hard on it, which is very stressful sometimes. 

Fashion designers have to work in front of a computer most of the time

It is also a disadvantage that you have to work sitting in front of a computer for a long hour. It can affect your eyes and the display rays are very harmful to the human eye. In the future, it can even cause headaches or may have some different kinds of problems. 

Small mistakes can ruin the whole product

Working as a fashion designer you should also remember that mistakes on your side can ruin the whole project or the product you or your team will be working on. Or you should have a backup plan for how to make that mistake correct. 

Pros and cons being fashion designer

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