25+ Pros and Cons of College Be Free (Explained)

The days of college are the ones that people remember for many years of their lives. It is one of the formulating stages and junctures of the journey. This is because in college people are more prone to meet newer people and make new acquaintances. This keeps the people lost in the environment of fun, frolic and in general happiness.

This is often inclusive of the fact that students have to take huge loans to keep studying and often do not have enough to pay off their loans after finishing the studies. This keeps the students in dissatisfactions as well. The pros and cons of college being free can be discussed to find out which system works best.

Benefits of College be FreeCons of College be Free

1. Easier for Low Income Students

1. Funding Burden

2. Students do not have to take Loans

2. Responsibility of Youth

3. Students do not Face Debt

3. Slacking Problems

4. Students will have more Freedom

4. Problems of Incentive

5. College Attendance would Increase

5. Quality may Reduce

6. Healthy Study Environment

6. Problems of Culture

7. Humanities will Receive more Students

7. Maintenance of Colleges

8. The Syllabus will Change

9. Teaching Attitudes will Change


  • Easier for Low Income Students:

The low income students will naturally be the first ones to support this process due to their inability to ensure they can pay college fees. It is also the case that the college fees are often very high. This makes college quite a heavy burden for them.

  • Students do not have to take Loans:

The students who would want to pursue an education for betterment of their futures will no longer have to take loans from banks which often cheat them and keep huge amounts of interest; this the students has to pay once they start working.

  • Students do not Face Debt:

The debt that students keep facing after their college education makes them feel a burden that makes them weak and keeps them on their toes. This keeps their productivity low and they cannot function properly or as productively as they would have liked to.

  • Students will have more Freedom:

The freedom of the students is one of the most important things that the system can ensure. This is because the students are the future of the society and this makes them very important to the functioning of the society. Without huge payments, they will be freer.

  • College Attendance would Increase:

The attendance in colleges would increase if the colleges are made free. The college education that a student must receive from the society is quite often very expensive. This makes several people quit college or walk away from college. Making college free would help this.

  • Healthy Study Environment:

The study environment of the college will have more freedom and productivity when it comes to the functioning of the college. This is because the study environment is often hindered by the process of paying fees and the burden of paying huge sums. There will be break from this.

  • Humanities will receive more Students:

The subject of humanities is probably the least studied subject in college, with most wanting to opt out of this course due their own problems of career and other thoughts. This is considered to be a subject for the privileged. Free college will ensure more study this.

  •  The Syllabus will Change:

The syllabus of the courses in college will change if the colleges are made free. This is because a lot of the syllabus that is studied in the colleges is based in the professional courses of the college. This changes when the college becomes free.

  • Teaching Attitudes will Change:

The attitude of professors and teachers teaching in colleges will have the stark differences if college is made free. This is one of the reasons professors do not teach discourse based concepts, but prefer to keep it short. Free college will change this entire approach.


  • Funding Burden:

The burden of free college will fall on the population who will have to pay higher taxes in order to keep the colleges functioning. This is one of the many reasons that the college will face problems of funding and various other problems. This is a big disadvantage.

  • Responsibility of Youth:

The youth will take anything that is free and try to exploit it. This is one of the reasons free college might be an idea that should be reconsidered. This is because the people going to study their will be keeping on exploiting the unlimited freedom.

  • Slacking Problems:

The slackers found in all systems will start slacking even more when they try to ensure that they make the most of the free college education that they will receive. This will lead to the problem of students going to study in college and never wanting to leave to get a job.

  • Problems of Incentive:

The problems of incentive will also exist in the workings of the government. This will lead to the problem of immense lack of desire for students and teachers to learn and teach, because scholarships will be lesser and even the salaries of the professors will be lesser.

  • Quality may reduce:

The quality of the teaching aptitudes and the reception of the students will also keep decreasing. This will lead to any and everyone trying to get into college, hence keeping the problems of culture and intellect intact even in college spaces. This leads to the problem of continued underdevelopment.

  • Problems of Culture:

The problems that will also be encountered with the free college process is the problem of plebeian culture entering the college gates. Since colleges are spaces of prestige and intellect, the people who are not used to this space will infiltrate the spaces with cultural differences, reducing the prestige of the colleges.

  • Maintenance of Colleges:

The colleges cannot be maintained without proper funding. Hence will arise the problems of unclean spaces, unclean toilets and broken fans in classrooms. This will also be one of the many reasons for the development and progress of anti-social elements in college spaces. This is another drawback.


The free college alternative is certainly one that is viable to several countries, especially the ones that are backward. This will ensure education for all and the eradication of illiteracy with development of greater intellect. This is one of the many reasons why college should be free, although there are arguments to suggest otherwise.

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