25+ Pros and Cons of joining The Army (Explained)

 The first word that seems to jump to mind when you think of joining the Army is Patriotism. It’s a brave career choice and not everyone can take that selfless decision. Despite the huge amount of benefits and rewards that come with the job, you can never forget the very real life-threatening dangers that come hand in hand once you join the Army.

That is why soldiers, whether they are in active service, or have retired, command a huge amount of respect from people from all works of life. 

Benefits of joining The ArmyDrawbacks of joining The Army
Education expenses are paid for by The Army Free healthcare is a curse in the form of a boon
One of the most secure jobs in existenceRank creates a lot of divide 
Rent is paid for along with utilitiesYou cannot just quit if you want
There come a host of added benefitsIt is very hard on the families
Travelling cost is greatly subsidised, if not fullyThere is almost no free will
You get an incredible, unmatched training You cannot control where you get stationed
Arguably unbreakable lifelong bonds are formedThere are several obvious potential dangers that come with the job
Life Insurance comes with the job
Benefits continue even after retirement

Advantages of joining The Army

  • Education – 

The best quality education is provided at a drastically subsidised rate, if not free. For example, a person who joins the Army of the United States of America, gets their college education, completely free of cost. In case they want to continue in the Army, but discontinue school, they can transfer this privilege to their spouse or children. 

  • Job Security

The military almost certainly will never be dissolved. Moreover, layoffs are another thing that never happens in the army and the salary cheque always shows up at the correct time. Finally, it is an extremely rare occurrence, for a soldier to be fired and most soldiers end up in the service for as long as they want it. 

  • Free Rent with Utilities

A high enough paygrade, as in once you are a high-ranking official, it is possible to live off the money provided by the army. The army covers your rent and provides money for utilities. They also provide a clothing allowance to buy the uniforms. Anything that is saved from the money for utilities is yours. 

  • Added Benefits

Army personnel have a lot of things paid for like their healthcare, travelling costs like flight fares, vacation costs, etc. They are always eligible for military discounts. They enjoy a much greater amount of paid holidays than any regular person and while enlisted in the army, healthcare is also free. 

  • Travelling

Military Stations are scattered all across the globe. This means that every time you get posted at a new location, you get to visit another new place. Sometimes these postings can be in a completely new country and with no two stations being completely alike, it’s always a new experience. 

  • Training

The training you receive to become a part of the army, is probably the highest level of training anyone can ever get. The training would be not only for physical prowess, but mental too, all of which will benefit a person, as long as they live. Simply being practical, army training on their job application, will always set a person apart. 

  • Lifelong Bonds

Living a huge part of your life under constant stress with only one group of people, a person is bound to develop a special bond with your fellow soldiers, that is arguably not possible anywhere else. The bond transcends race, religion, creed, language, etc. and will never die as long as the soldiers live. 

  • Life Insurance

In case of the death of any active-duty personnel, the family members and in some cases even their friends are given financial support owing to this policy. Often soldiers themselves also pay for this insurance policy from the time they join, with a small amount deducted from each of their paychecks. 

  • Retirement Benefits

You get a host of different benefits when you honourably retire from the army. You get a pension every month for as long as you live, which is based on your payscale during the years of service and also the number of years. There are also other monetary benefits, leaving aside the respect that you command, being a veteran. 

Disadvantages of joining The Army

  • Free healthcare

Though this may seem as a simple advantage, there is a huge downside to having free healthcare. For example, in case anything goes wrong on the surgery table, your hands are tied and you cannot even sue, because you did not pay for it. Even if you are sewn up with medical equipment inside you, at a battlefield medical facility. 

  • Rank

Your age does not matter in the army and no matter which age you join, you begin at the lowest rank and work your way up. This means you may have to take orders from a person far younger than you and follow them diligently because he/she has a higher rank than you. Rank also tends to create divisions in the army. 

  • No Quitting

You do not have any control over your work hours, since the time you joined, till you finally complete the number of years that are stipulated in the contract you signed at the beginning. Most ways of quitting involve prison time or getting dishonourably discharged, which may be even worse. Also, only the army-appointed medical officials can decide whether or not you are sick enough to take a day off. 

  • Hard on Family – 

Family members are also in constant pain, without any assurance if they might ever see the soldier again. Also, when he/she actually goes home, his family members also have new lives, like his/her children may have grown up. Also, you never know when your visit may be cut short. 

  • No Free Will

Everything from getting a new car to getting married needs to be signed off on by some higher ranking official before you can do them.Your clothing, personal grooming, etc. everything has to be approved by the army. Even the free educational course has to be approved by the army. 

  • No Control over Location

You have almost no say over where you are going to be stationed. Though you can make a formal request, the chances are very very slim if your rank is low. The fact that at any moment you could be sent into an active war zone and have to live there, is a part of the job description. 

  • Obvious Dangers

Even though you know that you can be killed at any time, does not take away the danger. Even if you do not die in combat, you run the risk of living with severe physical limitations. Also, after retiring, many soldiers have been seen batting with severe depression, post traumatic stress disorder and other emotional problems. 

  Joining the Army definitely has it’s fair share of problems. Soldiers deserve the utmost respect, because they put themselves under extreme danger so that others can sleep peacefully. It is an extremely personal decision, that should never be taken lightly. However, joining the Army will always also be, an honour. 

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