23+ Pros and Cons of Online Schooling (Explained)

Nowadays, online schooling is becoming very popular among students, all over the world. The structures of online schooling are improving as computer technology is advancing everyday. Due to the improvement of technologies, online schooling is accessible to most students who wish to pursue it.

There are many people who do not consider online schooling as a good form of education. But recent studies have shown that the students who are taking online classes, are performing well, sometimes even better than those who attend face-to-face classes. 

Benefits of online SchoolingDrawbacks of online Schooling
It provides flexible class hours and optionsOnline schooling has a low reputation
It is easy to accessThere is lack of social interaction
It is more affordableYou can have only limited interaction with your instructor
You can attend classes 24/7Fewer courses are available in the science stream
Online schools can be attended from any locationAdvanced technology and stable internet connection might not always be available
You do not have to travelCampus environment is missing
There are many course options availableThere is no classroom
Admission is not a difficult process

Advantages Of Online Schooling

  • It provides flexible class hours and options:  

Students can study wherever they want and whenever they want. Online studying does not mean that the workload is less. It is only more flexible than classroom studying. In classroom studying there is a time limit and also a specific location which are not applicable for online studying. 

is online schooling flexible method
  • It is easy to access:

For your online study, you only need a computer and access to internet. The study material, assignments and lectures are sent through some kind of file transfer system or through email. You can join the lectures with video calls and email. You will easily be able to attend classes and prepare your notes. 

  • It is more affordable:

The cost of online studying is very affordable. The students have to pay the course fees only. You do not have to buy your textbooks since the course material is provided online and or pay your cafeteria bill, which you have to if you attend regular course classes in schools. 

is online schooling affordable
  • You can attend classes 24/7:

The student who attend face-to-face classes, had to depend on their notes to remember their lecture. On the other hand, written lectures are available throughout the semester course. You can access them whenever you want and even go through recorded video lectures as per your convenience. 

  • Online schools can be attended from any location:

Online schooling allows the students to take class from a different state or country. For this reason, classes may be composed of students with different backgrounds, coming from different parts of the world. Online schooling also helps the students of remote places who do not get the opportunity of higher education.

  • You do not have to travel:

One good advantage of online schooling is you do not have to travel anywhere for studying. The time which is required for travelling can be used for doing your homework or for your studying. If you work while studying, you can use your extra time to finish your work.

  • There are many course options available:

A student can choose his or her course as he or she wishes. Courses like Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelors in Business Administration, Master Degree in Nursing and many more courses are available in online schooling. These are usually not offered in many schools that offer face-to-face classes. 

  • Admission is not a difficult process:

In most of schools, you require a standard marks and application, to get in. Many schools even take their own entrance exam and even take an interview. But in online schooling, the admission process is not that complicated and the students do not require these. In most cases, the students only require the high school credits.

Disadvantages Of Online Schooling

  • Online schooling has a low reputation:

Most of the institutions and firms are quick to dismiss a student with online schooling. When two candidates, one who has studied at a conventional university and one who has had online schooling, are interviewed, the online schooling candidate  will usually be dismissed by most people. 

  • There is lack of social interaction:

One of the main disadvantages of online schooling is that there is no social interaction. You do not get an opportunity to make friends in online schooling. Getting higher degree is important but making friends is also important as they will be there for you through various situations. 

is there a lack of interaction during online schooling
  • You can have only limited interaction with your instructor:

The professors who teach online have a very small role to play. They mainly guide the students through the previously recorded course materials or previously written lectures.  The students do not get to interact with their teachers on a personal level even if it is needed.

  • Fewer courses are available in the science stream:

The courses in the science stream mainly need practical experiments. This is not available in online schooling. You can get the previously recorded experiments but you will not be able to do the practical experiments yourself, in this type of schooling. Without hands-on experience, it is difficult to succeed in such subjects. 

  • Advanced technology and stable internet connection might not always be available:

Everyone does not have a computer in their house or access to stable internet. Online schooling will not be possible without these two. Those students who do not have these resources will remain deprived of all-around online education and will end up missing classes. 

stable internet connection might not always be available to student
  • The campus environment is missing: 

Online schooling cannot create an environment like that of the school campus. They do not incorporate any extracurricular campus activities. This is a very important activity for undergraduates as they can make friends and explore opportunities through these activities in the new environment. Without a campus environment, a major part of school life will be missed. 

  • There is no classroom:

As you attend online schooling classes from your home, there is no specific classroom. So, you do not get the opportunity to meet the other classmates in your class as it happens on the campuses. Classrooms also provide space for interactive sessions which are quite limited in online schooling. 

On one hand, online schooling is a new way to get higher education sitting at your home. On the other hand, it is for those who have certain privileges. If you are someone who cannot attend face-to-face classes and have access to the internet and a reliable device then you should definitely opt for online classes. They will provide an opportunity to pursue your education. 

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