23+ Pros and Cons of Private Tuition (Explained)

Education is a vast area that requires multiple teaching staffs, improved infrastructures, advanced teaching techniques and online teaching facilities. Educational institutions often follow certain curriculums that are extremely time-consuming and difficult. Academic sessions cannot be compromised and hence, private tuitions have gained immense popularity in recent years.

A private tutor guides a student and teaches with utmost personal care which many academic institutions fail to do. Despite attending classes in their schools and colleges, students avail private tuitions to clarify their doubts and seek personalised guidance.

Private tutors can be called small-scale entrepreneurs for their invaluable contribution in academics. 

Now let us explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of private tuitions:

Extra CarePayment Issues
Guidance Materials      2. Commitment Issues
Clarification of Doubts      3. Study Guides
Entrepreneurship      4. Self-Learn 
Flexible Schedules      5. Extra Stress
Less Distractions
Improves Confidence

Advantages of Private Tuition: 

  • Extra Care:

A student avails private tuitions when he or she needs extra care, individualised guidance and one-on-one interactions. Often, in a classroom, in the midst of fifty to sixty pupils, a student may fail to follow the lessons properly or interact with his or her class teachers. This severely affects his results and he may lose a year pertaining to his lack of knowledge and self-esteem. Private tuitions provide personalised care and that boosts a student’s morale to a huge extent. 

  • Guidance Materials:

Several students avail private tuitions so that they can receive stacks of guidance materials. If a private tutor is popular enough in his community, he can earn a good deal of money by distributing his or her own guide materials. Students can refer to these materials to grasp certain concepts more prominently and also to fetch good marks in their exams. These guide/ reference materials help a student to write answers on their own and also promote an in-depth learning. 

  • Clarification of Doubts:

When a classroom environment is not sufficient enough for a student to clarify certain doubts, private tutors come forward. They play a humongous role in clarifying certain doubts, simplifying some difficult concepts and conducting frequent tests on those areas so that a student gets fully prepared before any examination. They also spend more hours in explaining various subjects while a class teacher cannot afford to spend more than an hour (or even less) per class. 

  • Entrepreneurship:

Private tutors can be called small-scale entrepreneurs because they open their own academies. They do not work under any governing body or an academic supervisor who cherishes the power of fixing their salaries or scheduling their lesson plans.

Private tutors enjoy the liberty of scheduling their classes, dividing batches and improvising their own teaching techniques. They are not answerable to any higher authority and they are not obligated to follow any existing rule. 

Flexible Schedules:

Since private tuitions encourage the students to address their tutors more freely, both the tutor and the student have the freedom to schedule their classes. Private tutors arrange their classes after consulting with their students so that the both the parties can utilise those few hours without any distraction.

If the tutor fails to take a class on a particular day, or if the student fails to attend a class, they have the liberty to reschedule the session on another day. 

  • Less Distractions:

A student may get distracted in a huge class of fifty pupils. The class teacher too cannot reach out to every student. But in private tuitions these difficulties can be tackled with personalised guidance.

In a private tuition, a student doesn’t get much scope to get distracted, and even if he or she does, the tutor can recognise the problem soon and can guide him or her to focus again. 

  • Improves Confidence:

A private tutor offers extreme care and attention to a particular student and hence, it improves his or her self-esteem and confidence. If a student receives sufficient guidance in understanding a topic, he or she becomes more confident and his performance improves as well. 

Disadvantages of Private Tuition: 

  • Payment Issues:

Since almost all the private tuitions are not under the supervision of any administrative bodies, students often do not find themselves obligated to pay their tutors on time. Small-Scale private tutors often fail to compel their students to pay and as a result a communication gap develops between the tutor and his or her student. 

  • Commitment Issues:

There is no governing body that supervises the classes conducted by a private tutor. Hence, legally, the tutor is not answerable to anyone. He may discontinue or terminate his classes if he pleases. A student too is not answerable to any higher authority and hence can stop attending the classes only by informing his tutor politely. There is no commitment from either side. 

  • Study Guides:

If a private tutor achieves immense popularity, he or she may find an opportunity to teach a huge number of students. It may occur to the school teachers if they identify a group of students writing the same answers because they may develop a tendency to depend solely on their study materials and copy the exact words from there. 

  • Self-Learn:

Students tend to depend a lot on their private tutors and may lose interest if they are compelled to tackle certain subjects on their own. They stop learning and understanding various concepts if they do not receive enough guidance from their tutors. They do not learn on their own and become helpless if a tutor stops spoon-feeding them. 

  • Extra Stress:

Private tuitions can be stressful. A private tutor has to manage all the classes single-handedly without having any assistant by his or her side, and a student too has to invest extra effort, energy and time in a private tuition. 

Nonetheless, private tuitions have made the lives of many students easier. Students, these days, are equipped with both online resources and handouts before they sit for an exam. They can rely on their private tutors whenever they want without any hesitation or inconvenience. Many private tutors have inspired their students. 

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