17+ Pros and Cons of Studying in Australia (Explained)

Australia is known for its varied landscapes and beaches, and this country gives a beautiful experience. Australia follows various cultures and is widely known for its beaches and rainforests.

There’s a reason why Australia is ranked as the third most popular study destination for students, and this article will give you an insight into the grounds. 

Benefits of studying in AustraliaThe Drawbacks of studying in Australia
High standard of livingPoor internet connection
Low crime rateHomesickness
High-quality educationThe high cost of living
Amazing academic coursesMismanagement



One of the most remarkable advantages of studying in Australia is its quality education. There are many well-known universities here that deliver the best experience. There are many universities that offer over 700 courses.

This means that apart from your significant subjects, you can also opt for courses to enhance your academic qualification. The course is designed in such a way that by imparting knowledge of the subject, it also improves the learning experience of the international students. 


Australians speak English, so students from foreign countries will never face difficulty in communicating with people here.

It’s got a vast cultural diversity, and you’ll probably hear different languages, but even if you know just English, you can easily survive in the country.


Australia offers all kinds of courses and programs that you look for. Whatever you’re seeking academically, Australia may be just the place to provide it to you.   


If you want to go camping or you would like to take a walk in the forests, Australia provides everything that suits you. Known for its diverse landscapes, you can enhance your experience more in this country.


There are various grants and scholarships provided by different universities. Each year, Australia’s government fixes a budget for students who seek admission in the country; these funds are used to offer scholarships to international students.

Students can look up for the information about the scholarship programs and the procedure they should follow on the respective websites of the colleges or universities they want to apply for. 


Many multinational organizations offer college pass out various job opportunities, and they also have options for part-time jobs for the students who want to earn while studying.

This is another significant reason students prefer to complete their high education in this country. Also, graduating from Australian universities enhances students’ CVs and resumes, making it easier for them to get good job opportunities. 


Australia is known for its diverse culture; you can find people from different walks of life, and living here lets you experience different types of culture and learn various traditions of the country.

The students here get a lot of exposure as they are introduced to new culture, food, music and this broadens their perspective.


You’ll experience the best hospitality in Australia. People are welcoming and friendly. International students get to communicate with locals and people from other foreign countries and get all kinds of support from them.

People are always ready to help and will never make you feel that you’ve come to an unknown place. You will feel at home here.


The total cost of studying in Australia is comparatively less when it comes to universities in the US and UK.  Usually, an undergraduate degree program’s price starts from $15,000 and postgraduate programs from $20,000 per year.


Work experience does matter, but internships today also play a significant role in our resume or CV. And Australia is a place where you can easily find many paid and unpaid internships in various public and private universities.

And on top of that, while doing these internships, you can also polish your speaking skills and make connections. 


While studying in Australia, you can easily do a part-time job to save extra money for your pocket.

This is also a very crucial factor for students who want to finance their own studies. Therefore, while learning, you can also earn in this country, which gives you more exposure and can develop your professional skills. Working here will give your resume a weightage of international experience.



The expenses, such as tuition fees, flights, visa fees, and living expenses, are relatively high in Australia. Though part-time jobs do help in managing these expenses, students still face financial problems.

Those who are studying on student loans are always under pressure, which can also affect their academic performance. Therefore to study in Australia, you will have to plan a massive budget. 


International students face problems with the internet and realize that internet facilities are not given that much importance in this country.

No doubt Australia is a developed country, but with time students from foreign countries see that they cannot access the internet in various parts of the country.

People nowadays have become dependent on technology, and this can be a significant drawback to the students who choose to study in Australia.


Students seeking admission in Australia have to undergo an extensive assessment criterion. Besides the entrance exam, you need to take a medical test as well to attain a student visa.

You will need to provide all academic qualifications and records, and in addition to that, students have to take the country’s English language assessment test.


All of us are aware of the challenges one faces when it comes to moving to a different country altogether and how difficult it is to adapt to its culture.

Though Australia is rich in its hospitality, many students are still not that flexible; therefore, many students are likely to feel bored and homesick. 


You should have good English speaking skills to study in Australia. This does not mean that it should be flawless, but one should know the essential words to communicate with people.

If you are not good at English speaking skills, then language can give you a hard time in this country to understand. 

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