18+ Pros and Cons of Studying in Japan (Explained)

Japan is known for its unique culture, increasing trading strategies across the world, and is home to many technology companies known across the globe. Also, the education system in Japan is highly appreciated and is very famous. 

 It shares borders with the Sea of Japan at its West, the Sea of Okhotsk at its North, the East China Sea, and Taiwan at its South. The country has a population of over 126.2 million people with Tokyo as its capital and is the central cultural and commercial city. 

Benefits of Studying in JapanDrawbacks of Studying in Japan
Low crime rateLanguage barrier
Availability of scholarshipsCultural barrier
Soothing weather conditionsCredits are not transferred at times.

Advantages of Studying in Japan

  • Interesting food cuisines: 

When you are away from your home country, you need to adapt to food habits in terms of remaining healthy. Well, Japan has a lot to offer to the students here as the country has a variety of new and already existing flavors and tastes available for you.

You can find all kinds of sushi and sashimi, which is a must of every Japanese dinner available in every shape, size, and with a variety of flavors. 

  • For the non-vegetarians, students can try on fish fries with tempura and also the famous Shabu Shabu. 
  • Then there are varieties of sauces, tofu, and meat dips, someone can try and be absolutely delicious. You will definitely not get bored with the food styles of the country.

There are Japanese hot pots, which are usually communal dining where friends and families gather around boiling water and eat using only chopsticks. 

  • High-quality education system: 

The education system in Japan is very developed and is known to provide quality education.

Whether you are enrolling yourself in a public or a private institution or be it for primary school or for higher education, the Japanese education system has a very systematic educational structure that provides qualified results. 

  • Many institutes are top-ranked:

The Japanese education system has been counted in the top 10 countries which have a qualified and top-notch educational structure.

You will be able to find many institutions located in the region, giving you some extraordinary results.

Seisen University, located in Tokyo, is one of them which is famous all across the globe. Most international students opt for business, philosophy, and marketing courses here, which have a lot of scope in the mere future.

  • Easy transportation service: 

The transportation service is very convenient in the country. You will find small e-rickshaws, buses, and trains that will always be right on time.

Also, metros and local trains both are available in the city and are still at their right time and are available now and then. 

  • Rental service is available for students:

Other than that, the students can also rent bikes, as are rental bike services offered in many parts of the country and at a very affordable price.

The ticket prices for the public transportation services are also at very convenient rates, and the students’ pass systems are also available at a very affordable price.

  • Availability of job opportunities: 

Japan offers jobs to many foreign workers. So after graduation, one can remain in the country and can easily hunt for a suitable job in their field. One of the most demanded jobs in the country is English teachers or translators who are fluent in English and Japanese. 

Most of the population of Japan are not familiar with the English language, and as the country is highly specialized and successful in trade, communication with the outside world is a must. 

  • Translators are always in demand:

Many of the companies almost all hire translators who help them with communication problems.

These translators have a secured payment, which also includes the housing facilities offered by the companies. Therefore, if you are able to secure a work visa in Japan, then you will be a profit. 

  • Availability of entertainment: 

One can never get bored in this country as there are popular destinations available inside the country where students can visit on weekends.

You will be able to visit the Akihabara neighborhood which is located in Tokyo and is also known as the electronic town where you will be able to shop electronics, gadgets, toys, manga, anime all at a very affordable price. 

Also, for entertainment students can visit the entirely soundproof karaoke chambers; they can go for Sumo match wrestling sessions, ninja-training, samurai classes, etc. 

  • Affordable devices:

Many of the companies that make these electronics and toys are in Japan and sell these gadgets all over the world; therefore, the price rates are relatively low and cheap in the country. 

  • Students who need to relax before studying:

For the individuals who are very fond of reading, they can participate in the Japanese tea ceremonies and can also visit the Buddist temples, which are very soothing and will definitely bring peace to your mind after your study hours. 

Then, you will be able to find clubs, restaurants, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, shrines, temples, castles, parks, etc. to spend your leisure time. 

  • Availability of courses: 

The universities and colleges provide a variety of programs and courses one can apply to. The universities are highly developed with an excellent infrastructure and have all facilities for all types of courses giving various options. So, you will never be out of options here and can always get your interested program. 

Disadvantages of Studying in Japan

  • High expenses: 

Japan provides and has all kinds of facilities one can imagine, but it will come with a hefty price tag. From the food to the living expenses or even expenses for the basic amenities are all quite high and are extremely high in comparison with the other Asian countries. 

  • Price rate is quite high and uneasy:

If you are a student you will be able to get concessions in the transportation field and also in some other places, but if you are planning to stay after graduation for work, then you will also need to pay for that service. Altogether, the price rate is quite high and uneasy.  

  • A lot of stress hours: 

The country has a ton of things to do in your leisure time, but the leisure hours are very less here. The country certainly is very diligent and has a workaholic or work-centric attitude.

Since childhood, students are taught to be efficient and prioritize their careers mainly dedicated to their education to grow in the future. 

People are forced to work so hard which at times increases the stress level and many people are not able to take this pressure. Therefore if you are planning to study here and work, you need to be prepared hard to face the pressure level.


The country is seriously hard-working and brings the best out of an individual. With a high amount of expense rates which is usually not affordable by all students, the country makes sure that the result is worth the price. With just a little amount of hard work and adjustments, you will surely be able to find the best for you if applied here. 

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