19+ Pros and Cons of Studying in Singapore (Explained)

Singapore is a sovereign island located in Maritime Southeast Asia. The country has around 5.7 million people, among which almost 67% of the people are core Singaporean citizens. It has the Straits of Malacca at its West, the South China Sea at its East, the Riau Islands at its South, and the Malay Peninsula at its North.

The country is known for its massive growth in the field of business and technology and is also known for its quality education. 

Benefits of Studying in SingaporeDrawbacks of Studying in Singapore
Job opportunitiesThe work-off campus is not available
Availability of all types of food cuisinesHigh airfare
Availability of transport servicesUncertainty of gaining technical skills

Advantages of Studying in Singapore

  • No language barrier: 

English is the primary language spoken by the local people or most of the people. You will find people speaking in Mandarin, Chinese, Tamil.

However, in the universities, English is the communicative language. You will find all the books and teaching, all available only in English. However, it is better that one should first keep a check with the communicative language used in the university and then should proceed with the further admission process.  

  • Comparatively affordable tuition fees: 

Singapore is known to be quite expensive in all ways possible in comparison to other Asian countries. However, the tuition fees here are affordable and cheaper than in the United States, Australia, or the U.K.

The undergraduate and postgraduate study course fees are comparatively significantly less than these abroad countries. The course fees may differ, depending upon the course. 

  • Provides high-quality education: 

Singapore is known for its high-quality education having professional professors and also the public and private universities in Singapore, which are completely equipped with all the needed facilities.

There are many famous universities that provide high-quality education and are world-famous institutes such as the Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, etc.  

  • Enormous courses available to choose from:

You will find a range of courses available for you, and also, the universities have lots of international students flying across the globe and opting for the universities in Singapore.

Also, Many other institutes have their branches located here, such as Chicago Business School, Technische Universitat Munchen, etc. 

  • Diverse culture: 

About 67% of the country has Singaporean Citizens, or else you will be able to find people coming from other Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, etc. It is a small nation but has a rich culture, which is very unique and famous.

The nation comprises people coming from different religions, eating different food, having different ethnicities and architecture, etc.

You will be able to find the same in the universities too. Due to this, there are many languages spoken in the country, such as English, Mandarin, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, etc. 

  • Safe and secured environment: 

The country has stringent laws that need to be abided by all the residents. This assures you of having a relatively safe and secure environment as the crime rate here is very low. 

Many of the parents always think of sending their children to a very safe place, and Singapore is one of them. Also, transport services are running all day and night in the country; therefore, students can roam around freely at all times without any tension. 

  • Preferable place for various international students: 

Singapore is considered to be an appropriate and preferred option for many students when they think of studying abroad. The nation is a developed infrastructure and is heavily innovative, and is known to be highly competitive.

The institutions here have a variety of courses to offer, some of the famous ones are: Air-Hostess, Pilot training courses, Culinary courses, and many more.

  • Nation encourages the young talent:

There are many multinational companies setting up their offices and branches here, as well as the nation has its own startup companies also coming up in recent years.

You will have three highly common words here: investments, entrepreneurship, and business as most of the people are from a business class; therefore, almost all of the institutions here have MBA specialization. 

  • Best faculty available here:

Before hiring, the professors need to go through a training process; if they qualify, then only they are allowed to have a secured job as teachers and professors. 

Disadvantages of Studying in Singapore

  • Understanding the English fluency: 

English is the most common language spoken as well as you will mind it available in all the educational institutions. However, the local people have their own language, which is known to be Singlish.

It is a mixture of Tamil, Hindi, Mandarin, English, Malay, and Hokkien. At times you won’t be able to understand the fluency, but it is known to be relatively easy. Therefore, if your professor is purely a local, you will, at times, hear the same language from him/her, which can be confusing. 

After staying in the country for a bit, you will get familiar with the language. The most common people speaking in this language will be the local shop owners, hawkers, etc. 

  • Shopping seems expensive: 

Most of the people living in Singapore are from business class families as almost 51% of the people have their own business and are interred in trade.

Therefore the quality of living is relatively high, which means high rates of nearly everything, such as the housing prices, price for basic amenities, and much more. 

  • Rental apartments are high-priced:

The country is small, but the rental prices here are way too expensive, and so are the water, electricity bills.

Singapore has one of the largest street food markets where you will find the street cooks receiving Michelin stars, but the food prices here are comparatively higher than those of your own country. Therefore, apart from the tuition fees, there is a lot you need to spend on, be it your accommodation, basic amenities, and much more. 

  • The particular international limit for students: 

The country has always been very friendly to foreigners, but in 2011, the government of Singapore stated that only 15-18% of seats would be available for international students, which is a minimal amount. It will affect your competition level, as it would be very high depending upon your interested course. 


Singapore gives you the best experience of both East and West of Asia, with a variety of courses to choose from and having such a high-quality education level, which is famous worldwide. Having some shortcomings, the country has a lot to offer. 

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