21+ Pros and Cons of Studying in Switzerland (Explained)

Known for its beautiful sceneries, Switzerland is considered an ideal spot for tourists, but the country has a lot more to offer. It has a stronghold over its growing economy as well as in the education sector.

It is a landlocked country with Italy at its South, France, on its West, Germany at its North, whereas Austria and Liechtenstein are at its East.

Benefits of Studying in SwitzerlandDrawbacks of Studying in Switzerland
Low tuition fees compared to other European countries.Limited availability, of course
Allowance to stay in the country for one year after completion of the course.Difficulty in understanding the local accent
Less pollutionHigh airfare
Less trafficStrict rules and regulations

Advantages of Studying in Switzerland

  • Relaxable environment: 

Switzerland is considered to be the ideal location for traveling and is mentioned on many people’s bucket lists. It is therefore considered one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

You will be able to find beautiful mountains, lakes, vast valleys, and forests where people can go hiking, biking, camping, river rafting, and many more. 

  • Perfect place for higher studies:

If you opt for Switzerland for higher education, you will never get tired as the environment here is very calm, peaceful, and relaxing.

It is also bordered by some of the biggest European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, etc. Therefore allowing you to visit them. 

How is the quality of education in Switzerland
  • Top-notch Swiss education: 

Education in Switzerland is quite demanding and is entirely worth it. The universities and institutes here provide you with professional teaching facilities with the necessary equipment.

All the comfort required for the students is provided by the universities here, whether public or private. 

  • House many popular universities:

If you are considering opting for your higher education here, you won’t regret it. Also, several known institutes are settled here, such as the EU Business School, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-ETH Zurich, Geneva Business School, etc. 

  • Supports social and cultural events: 

Switzerland completely supports several carnivals and festivals which allow people to socialize with each other. Students can take time out from their busy schedules and can, at times, enjoy and relax. They can also socialize with the locals as the people here are warm and welcoming. 

Some of the most famous events of all time are the Paleo Festival which is the country’s largest open-air festival; the Basler Fasnacht Festival which is known as the largest Swiss Carnival, the Montreux Jazz Festival, known to be Europe’s largest jazz festival, and also the International Balloon Festival. 

  • Availability of scholarships: 

The cost of living in Switzerland can be considered high, but the universities’ scholarship opportunities are worth it. Whenever you apply for any university in Switzerland, always ask and apply for the scholarship process in advance. Getting the scholarship will help you a lot financially in the mere future.

Also, there is the availability of scholarships that help you cover your college fees and other expenses, while other scholarships include living expenses. Some of them which provide scholarships in Switzerland are the Swiss government excellence scholarships, the IMD MBA scholarship, and much more. 

does Switzerland grant scholarship opportunities

Disadvantages of Studying in Switzerland

  • The high cost of living: 

Switzerland is known to be quite expensive in terms of studying and living. Cities like Geneva and Zurich are known to be costly places to live in across the globe. Therefore, if you are choosing Switzerland for your studies, you need to have a healthy financial condition.

The accommodation facilities and even the country’s basic amenities are relatively high compared to the other European countries. 

is the cost of living high in Switzerland
  • Strict rules and regulations: 

To complete your higher education, you will need to stay in the country for the most three to four years. Therefore, it is essential for all the people residing here to follow the government’s rules and services.

In Switzerland, you need to abide by each law as they take it very seriously. If broken, minor rules can end up revolving around severe consequences. If you are planning to come here for your studies, first make sure to read and memorize all the rules followed here. 

  • For instance, you are not allowed to cut the grass of your lawns here on Sundays, and you are not allowed to recycle and use some of the old cartoons also, if you have a dog as your pet, you need to register the dog and also need to pay an annual ownership tax for it.  
Are the rules and regulations strict in Switzerland
  • Hiring foreigners can be questionable: 

Going to Switzerland only for studies and going to Switzerland for studies and jobs are two different things. Hiring international students in Switzerland can be very tiring at times. You won’t be able to find a suitable job or even an internship quickly.

As the requirements here include that the employees must be fluent in the local language here and should also know to both read and write it.

  • Hiring process of international students can be challenging:

If you successfully are able to find a suitable job, you first need to get a work permit from your employer, then he/she needs to submit an application with their concerned authorities, clearly stating that they have hired international students by giving the mere details and reasons for employing, and much more.

This process is very tiring, and many times discourage international students from even trying as their preference is always hiring local students. 


After looking at the pros and cons of studying in Switzerland, one can conclude that it can be worth it. Minding the job availability and the high cost of living, if seen, you will achieve a qualified professional education with top-notch facilities and availability of scholarships too. If used usefully, this is a perfect opportunity. 

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