How to Ace An Online Job Interview: 51+ Proven Tips

The interview is a well-organized interaction between an applicant and the interviewer. An online interview is done with the help of a computer or phone. It is a virtual model of interaction. It is helpful for people to who are challenging to reach out to.

There is not much difference between offline and online mode. Online interview is suggested in this pandemic.

How to Ace An Online Job Interview

1. Make sure that you are well prepared for the interview. The process of preparedness comes from your formal dressing style.

2. Go through the company’s website and get an idea about what kind of things they deal with. For example, if the job profile says research analyst, get to know what a research analyst does and which company hires.

3. Be confident to answer all the questions that are asked. Even if you don’t know the asked question’s exact answer, give a confident answer that will impress the interviewer.

4. Never give a diplomatic answer like maybe, can, etc., be sure with whatever you say.

5. Be precise with your words to express what you mean. Do not stammer with the words. It shows that you are not at all confident during the interview process.

6. Be fluent with your spoken English as the interview mostly occurs in the English language only.

7. Be well dressed and presentable. Your first impression will be right on the interviewer, remember that first impression is your last impression.

8. Make sure that the device you use has a webcam installed in it. Adjust the webcam in a suitable position that covers your entire face for the interview.

9. Make your background presentable or use virtual background if the option is available.

10. Install the application that is required for this online interview like Zoom or Google Meet or Microsoft Teams or Skype etc.

11. Be on time for the interview session. Do not enter the meeting before time or after time; join at the given time.

12. Check your internet connectivity before joining. Moreover, make the quality of your video in the highest possible resolution (1080p is highly recommended).

13. Practice the sample question of an interview of a particular company or in general. You can find the sample questions on the internet, which most interviewers ask in the process.

14. Be prepared with backups for the worst situation. In case you don’t know the answer of any question, be bold to admit the same, instead of giving the wrong answer.

15. Do not say anything out of the discussion. Try to answer as accurately as possible.

16. Do not include those things in your resume for which you are not confident. Interviewers are way smarter than you are. Do not hide anything from them. Be as transparent as possible.

17. Do not be nervous while answering the questions. Confidence is the key to success.

18. If you think that you may forget something when asked, then write it down in a notepad and keep it with you.

19. Interviewers do read your body language, so stay calm and be confident.

20. Use earphones while attending the interview because this will help you hear and deliver your talk.

21. Remove any sort of distraction because your concentration should be fully in the interview to answer correctly.

22. Look at the camera. This will show as if you are making eye contact with the interviewer. Moreover, this is a plus point for any online interview to make eye contact.

23. Be prepared with common questions like, tell me about yourself? What are your strengths? Why should we hire you? Etc. be sure whatever you answer is pretty much practical and relevant.

24. Practice beforehand so that you have the satisfaction that yes, you did something beforehand for this interview.

25. Make sure the lighting is proper, which does not make your video look dull. If you want, you can install a light stand in your room, which will make the environment brighter.

26. Place the camera at an angle so that the screen covers your face and your upper body.

27. Take pauses while speaking. This will make your words come out of your mouth more clear.

28. Make some of your domains very strong. So that if they ask anything from there, you can answer adequately.

29. Be ready with your resume and make sure that your resume does not have anything you do not know.

30. Interviewers look for some creativity, so be prepared to be a bit different from others and try to impress them.

31. You should have prior knowledge about the post you are applying for and know about the company and its progress. Moreover, see if you are comfortable with the post of application.

32. Don’t try to fool the interviewers or don’t involve in any unethical practice.

33. Your attire is also an essential factor for an interview. Get dressed appropriately so that you leave a good impression on them.

34. Speaking skills are a must for interview purposes, and in online mode, you should be very clear in delivering your words as you cannot express them manually.

35. People can also opt for a crash course on how to succeed in an interview.

36. Solve mock test papers and prepare well. Some of the best mock test papers are always available on the internet.

37. Good internet connection is a must because if your video gets stuck multiple times or disconnected multiple times, this may result in a loss of an opportunity for you. It is possible that you may not get a chance again for that particular interview.

38. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet ambiance, and no one interrupts you. Ask your parents or friends to do not disturb you while is interview goes on.

39. For an online interview, always use a laptop or desktop because a mobile phone is not preferred for online interview purposes. Using a mobile device will harm the interviewers.

40. Do not open any other tab on your screen to avoid any kind of trouble while attending an interview.

41. Make sure your phone is in a silent mode not to create noise between an interview.

42. You can keep notes handy with you to note down the essential points that have been told to you.

43. Listening power should be great. A good listener always gets success. If a person can listen adequately, then he/she can frame the question in their own words and can answer adequately.

44. Practice with your friends over video conference and ask them to correct you wherever required. This will minimize the chance of mistakes on the final day.

45. Keep your device fully charged so that it does not create a problem even if there is a power cut.

46. Your presentation should be very inspiring. You can also ask them questions related to their company, resulting in a practical and interactive discussion. Moreover, it will leave a positive impact on the interviewers.

47. If you are giving the interview of any back-end or frontend developer, make sure you prepare questions related to programming.

48. If you want to practice multiple choice questions for your interview, some of the suggested websites are GeeksForGeeks, HackerRank, and HackerEarth.

49. If you’re unable to understand any particular word because of poor network connection, make sure to ask the interviewer to repeat the sentence instead of answering the wrong answer.

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