15 Reasons Why You Feel Stuck In Your Career

At some point in time, everyone feels like they are stuck with something that they don’t know anymore.

Maybe you started a job, thinking about the monetary benefits but now you are still going out even if you are not interested anymore.

Or maybe you are doing a job that is too exhausting for your soul, you just want to get free from it.

The feeling of being in a rut can be caused by different reasons. However, sometimes you have the solution in front of you but maybe it’s a lack of confidence or visions that are causing you to hold back.

Read on the reasons that might make you feel stuck in your career. Also, the first step to solve this is to identify what is causing it.

1.You Accepting The Job For Money

There is nothing wrong with choosing a lucrative job, it can be the siren song that makes it hard to resist.

But lots of time it causes the situation when the person feels like he accepted the role that is taking too much from him.

The job is making them unhappy, for example, you started as a consultant because it is more lucrative. But now you are suffering because the work-life is totally imbalanced. After all, your career is encompassing for you.

To solve this, you need to have an exit plan along with a timeline and a budget. When you end up taking a high-paying job, to make sure it doesn’t make your life a living hell, you should know when to quit.

steps making exit strategy for job

Think like this, you will do the job for the next three more years, and save the money. So you can change what you are doing and choose hosting that can satisfy your personal side.

But when you are doing the job, make sure you are keeping your mind open. Observe the people you are working with, see the projects they are taking. Maybe those types are helpful and the right fit for you.

2. You Accepted The Job Without Understanding The Role

Well, searching for a job is quite similar to dating.  People look for a job that has some kind of characteristics but in the end, you look for what fits better. Also, it includes the ability to work together, getting along, and sharing similar life goals as well as values.

However, lots of time people choose the job which is not the right suitor. It might be the feeling that the job you agreed to is different than when you are performing.

If you see a change in your role, it’s important that you consider taking this to the supervisor.

Schedule the meeting and make sure you are prepared for it. You should have an understanding of what you were hired for, and your set of skills as well as why it was the right job to pick.

However, to make sure you are not getting into such a mess in the first place,  remember that you are the equal too when you are looking for a job.

things check before accept job

It’s very much your responsibility to understand the job, Talk to the people or employees of the company and do the research so you know how the company culture works.

If you are seeing some common pointers in all of the reviews, make sure you take that into consideration.

When you are in the interview process,  make sure you are using the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions, you can interview them as they are doing with you.

3. Your Skills Are Getting Out Of The Date

You might have a really good set of skills but you are doing nothing to improve or grow those skills.

Which leads to getting out of the date.  This might make you feel like doing the same thing because you have limited skills to use which also narrow down the choices.

To solve this, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to make sure that your skills are updated.

When you feel like you are not growing, it’s important to take a proactive approach.

You can also consider talking to the employer, see what opportunities for more training and personal development you can try.

You should be considered as well as very much clear, how those skills can help you and the business.

Explain the points to the employer so they can do more investments.

4. You Are Getting Out Of Touch With What Drives You And Values

Well, when it comes to managing a career you need to look at long-range pictures. It includes what you want to accomplish in your profession as well as in life.

But sometimes, there are chances that you might end up losing sight of what’s actually important for you. This makes you do your job on autopilot mode.

To solve this, you need to be clear on what drives you to do the job. Also the values you hold in your life and the job helps you in sticking with that.

Make sure you know the deal breakers as you can find the way out when you feel like losing sight of what is important and what is not.

5. You Are Stayed For Too Long Because Of Fear

The fear of the unknown can be the reason why you stayed too long in the job that you don’t want to do.

Lots of people fear taking any step. This might be painful to make a change as not knowing what will happen is too scary and unacceptable.

It’s a common problem that people have and that’s how it leads to feeling that you are being stuck to the job.

Well If you want to get free from that, you need to take the step so you can feel moving. Here you need to brainstorm the ideas. Take help from your family and friends.

Choose the person you trust, so you can make the changes that put your job in the right direction.

6. You Are Working In Specialized But In A Shrinking Field

When you are doing the job in a specialized role, there are both pros and cons of that. If you show extreme speech skills, there is a higher chance of you getting the role.

However the flip side,  if the field is shrinking, there are chances you might find it difficult to move on.

For example, if you are working in retail,  you might look for e-tail, because this is not going anywhere. 

Well if you are working in technology, and your app is not on mobile, this can be the drawback. The world is changing faster than anyone can imagine, and so does technology. 

To solve this, you need to understand how to excel. Regardless of how specialized you are in certain skills, it’s important for you to expand them.

Look for opportunities that can be beneficial for you, and make sure your skill sets match. Or add the skills based on what you think will help you.

7 . You Are Getting Too Comfortable

Lots of people do the same job for a really long time. The biggest challenge they face when it comes to changing jobs is that they are not ready for the change.

It can be the perception that you have been stalling your career.

That’s why you need career management, the idea of what to achieve and how you are going to do that will help you to keep moving.

Manage your career as you are planning to manage your life. Here you need to learn, improvise,  and be aware of what is going on in your field.

It’s also important to be clear about your personal branding statement as well when you are working in an organization.

8. You Are Not Being Honest With Yourself

Well, there are chances that you might don’t have been honest with yourself. It can build guilt over time.

Maybe you just don’t want that job, it’s something you keep repeating because you feel like you should.

You might be trying to convince yourself that you like your job. This can be scary to admit, but that’s what you need to get over with the feeling of being stuck.

Here you need to understand the importance of trying some new thing. 

9. You Are Too Much In Anxiety

There are lots of people who feel constantly worried about what will happen in the future. This leads to analysis paralysis where you feel anxiety before you make any decision.

You waste time,  strength, and everything else in fear.

This is important for you to take a deep breath and make sure you know your actions. The better you know, the less you feel anxiety.

10. You Are Burnout

Sometimes feeling stuck in a job has nothing to do with what you are doing. Maybe you have worked for too long. Maybe you are tired, you might be too into the job that you forget to take a rest.

This causes burnout where you don’t have any creative juices, and you need a break from it. That’s why you should plan ahead, instead of waiting for the burnout to happen.

11. You Are Not Using The Enough Strength

Well, you might be doing a job that is not living up to your expectations. Or maybe your company is not organized well, maybe the certification for skills. In whatever situation, you are not using the strength you have

This can make you feel frustrated. Understanding what you are doing is enough to neutralize your skills and strength is helpful.

Maybe you need a little bit more boost, or something more challenging. Talk to the employer and look for the more demanding things that can make you use the skills you have.

13.  You Don’t Feel Supported

There are chances that you are feeling unsupported or maybe not valued enough. This can make you feel frustrated and give the feeling that you are stuck in a job where your contribution doesn’t matter.

It’s obvious to feel lonely when you don’t have the people around who ask for advice or help, And the leaders who don’t look at you, this can make you feel itchy to leave the place.

Self-doubt starts to creep you out, and it makes your confidence lower. Being human, everyone requires support from time to time. They need to feel appreciation.

However here you might believe that this is a sign of changing jobs, but a lot of the time you just have to take a few steps.

There is a higher chance that your leaders don’t know what you did. You can politely remind yourself of your role, ask the feedback from the college whom you trust, and put some videos before you choose to move on to a different job.

14. You Don’t Feel Aligned With Company’s Mission

Sometimes you end up losing your sight of your own beliefs and values. Even though you love your job, there are chances that what the company is doing is not what you plan for you.

Maybe you are working in a corporation but what you actually want to work with is non-profit organizations.

If you feel like your visions and motives are not aligning with the company, you need to be sure what you actually want first.

In this case, you can’t work in the company when there is a difference between personal and company’s mission.

Here find the answers to questions first –

  • What are the core values and beliefs you have?
  • What kind of organization or industry do you want to work in?
  • What can be the deal breakers for you?

Once you have the answers, you can find better jobs for you that can satisfy and not let you feel stuck with something you don’t want.

15.  You Are Not Sure What You Want

Well if nothing fits your reason behind why you feel the stuck vibes,  then maybe you don’t feel what you should anymore.

Maybe you have too many options and things going on that make you feel confused. This also reduces confidence in your ability.  Not to ignore the frustration that is caused due to this.

To understand this, you are going to take a step back.  Declutter your head, understand the basics and then approach with a fresh mind.

steps check when dont know what you actually want

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